The beginning of the Distillerie Massenez


The history of the Distillerie Massenez goes back to 1870 when Jean-Baptiste Massenez was a distiller in the Val de Villé in Urbeis. He opened a royal road to his descendants who inherited this know-how: his son Eugène Massenez became a recognized Master distiller.

Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie


Eugène Massenez will be a pioneer in distilling Wild Raspberry for the first time... This Eau-de-Vie will become a real success thanks to the loyalty of the Queen of Sweden who fell in love with this Raspberry during her numerous visits to Alsace. The Queen regularly went to the Hohwald to take care of her lungs... thanks to the Eaux-de-Vie! This is how Massenez became the official supplier to the court of his Majesty the King of Sweden.

Massenez and Fine Gastronomy


It is from the 3rd generation, with Gabriel Eugène Massenez, that the Distillerie Massenez will experience a real boom. Forerunner, Gabriel decided to develop his brand in the fine gastronomy, in particular in the Great Parisian Breweries: Flo, Bofinger, Pied de Cochon... His relationship and the quality of his products allow him to work with the great starred chefs such as Bocuse, Verger, Troisgros, Lameloise, Haeberlin, Blanc... and some beautiful tables such as La Tour d'Argent, Maxime's, Lenotre...

A new Distillery


In 1979, in order to respond to a strong growth, Gabriel decided to create a new distillery in the Val de Villé. The latter will be inaugurated by Paul Bocuse, a great friend of the Massenez family, in the presence of many great chefs from all over the world.

Development of the brand in more than 110 countries


The 4th generation enters the distillery. From 1982, Manou Massenez, Gabriel's daughter, will continue her father's work in export and will develop the family brand in more than 110 countries! Her sense of commerce enabled her to bring Massenez to many world competitions formerly reserved for Cognacs and to present Massenez Eaux-de-Vie, Crèmes & Liqueurs to the greatest sommeliers and barmen all over the world.

The launch of the Prisoner Pear


1989 saw the launch of the Prisoner Pear ``the most jet set brandy``! Manou's brother, Dominique Massenez, decided in 1989 to diversify the family business by investing in wine-growing land in Chile.

Massenez and Grandes Distilleries Peureux


Massenez joins forces with the Grandes Distilleries Peureux. Bernard Baud manages with Manou Massenez and Elodie Naslin the Distillery in Alsace. The development of Massenez both in France and abroad accelerates while adapting to the emergence of new consumer profiles, particularly through cocktails.

Massenez and Grandes Distilleries Peureux - 10 years already


2020 marks 10 years of a Presidency that was smooth, without pushing or shoving...and yet these 10 years have changed everything. Bernard Baud, President of the Grandes Distilleries Peureux, on the other side of the Vosges and famous for its Griottines®, has breathed new life into the Distillerie Massenez, while preserving the DNA of the Company.