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You are a Mixologist at Grandes Distilleries Peureux Massenez, what is your approach to premium spirits?

For the past few years, we have been observing a new trend: consume less but better. Customers have become demanding and are looking to be surprised. They are looking for new tastes to surprise their increasingly selective palates. As a major player in the production of fruit brandies and fruit maceration, and with more than 150 years of know-how, the Grandes Distilleries Peureux Massenez group is established throughout the world thanks to the quality of its products and its professionalism in the world of spirits, particularly in the gastronomic sector. As a mixologist, it is a pleasure to be able to create cocktails with such a range of exceptional products.

Where do you find the inspiration for your creations?

On a daily basis, I am very open to what surrounds me, I think that you have to be curious by nature to flourish in this profession. I like to be inspired by my travels and different cultures, it is very inspiring. Sometimes the inspiration comes from a simple discussion, an event or a meeting.

Mixology is an art, what is the best quality to do this job?

Always question yourself because tastes evolve. You have to be constantly listening and attentive to the evolution of the happy “liquid market”.

Spirits and gastronomy for you that represents what?

A happy marriage … to seduce your palate.

What is the secret to seduce a large clientele?

To make balanced cocktails, not too sweet but greedy. A cocktail that appeals to women will not necessarily appeal to men. Women often have a more developed and demanding palate… they are a source of inspiration in the search for creativity. Fruit brandies allow me to achieve this balance and bring structure, fruity aroma without adding sugar and are 100% natural.

What motivates you in your daily work?

Seeing people happy and remaking the world with a good cocktail in hand.

Can you share with us a tip for making cocktails to match a menu?

In a recipe, there is always an ingredient that will tickle our taste buds and make us think of a cocktail that could accompany it. Don’t hesitate to work on variations of the great classics to match the dishes. Add a spice, an aroma, a liqueur. It’s the little twist that makes a great cocktail.

What do you think are the virtues of spirits in use or in gastronomy?

This is what I call the perfect match. When a spirit sublimates a gastronomic dish.  Thanks to spirits, our dishes gain in taste and pep.

Offering a cocktail to match a dish in a restaurant, an immersive experience?

It’s a taste experience and a real firework for our gastronomic culture.

What if we reversed the roles? Elaborate dishes according to the proposed cocktails?

It’s just as interesting as wine and food pairing… With an extra glamorous and fun touch. The advantage of a cocktail is that it brings a universe and an atmosphere to a dish or a dessert. It is a generator of discussion and reminds us of good moments lived with friends or relatives. We all have a cocktail that reminds us of vacations or moments of sharing that we want to share with our friends and family.

Can you share with us your latest creation?

The Grandes Distilleries Peureux Massenez are launching two new amazing liqueurs… Liqueur La Baguette and Liqueur de Roquefort, what about a liquid toast?

A recipe

Grands Frissons by Pierre Boueri

2 cl of Massenez Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie

2 cl of Massenez Litchi Liqueur

4 cl of Cranberry juice



In a shaker, place ice cubes and pour in the Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie, the Litchi liqueur and the Cranberry juice.

Shake and pour into a Long Drink glass.

Slowly add Tonic.