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What drives you most in your job?

It’s a whole and it involves welcoming people, meeting new people and enjoying the pleasure of receiving them, of making them spend a moment out of time.  I attach a lot of importance to the creative part of our profession, I like to propose new experiences, new associations and surprise international and local customers.

You are MOF since 2019, how did you get the desire to participate in this prestigious competition?

It is the result of all these years of work, fieldwork and expertise. It is a prestigious competition and I am proud to have had the courage to register, to participate and even more to win the title. Becoming MOF is not the result of a few years of revision, but the highlight of a whole apprenticeship, of a whole career in hotels and bars, it is a challenge that I wanted to take up! There is still a lot to develop and I am delighted to continue the adventure and to spread the know-how in France and abroad.

Beyond technique, what resources are needed to be a good bartender today?

A sense of welcome is very important. When they walk through the doors of our establishment, our customers come to live an experience, a moment of pleasure. The relationship is just as important as the cocktail. Then I think that you have to know how to distinguish yourself with a signature or original menu, to be attentive to the customer, his tastes and his desires. I make a point of always adapting to the tastes of the customer, to start again if it does not please, that makes it possible to gain its confidence and its fidelity.

What guides you in your creations?

I use a lot of my travels, new tastes, country flavors, different cultures while bringing a personal touch. I like innovation, testing new combinations, new products and making customers travel while proposing new flavors and combinations that they might not have thought of.

You had the opportunity to propose very beautiful creations and in particular with the liqueur of Roquefort, you share with us your tasting experience?

Surprising! When I tasted this liqueur, I was struck by its intensity. Its length is impressive and we have this bluffing sensation on the aromas. With this liqueur, we are able to propose cocktails with character, this spirit is a real flavor enhancer offering a very nice length in mouth.

What is the place of spirits in gastronomy according to you?

For me, one cannot go without the other. Whether it’s pure tasting before, during or after a meal, or used as a cocktail to awaken the taste buds. In the kitchen, they are very interesting and allow to add nuances, to add intensity and to propose new agreements. There is no end to the combinations with spirits and that is what is interesting when you are creative!

What is your opinion on the integration of mixology in gastronomy?

Let’s propose a cocktail like we propose a wine. Today, the development of cocktails is in line with this wave of craft and premium spirits. Whether savory or sweet, cocktails are perfect with a dish or dessert. The idea of thinking of a cocktail menu as a function of a menu allows to go to the end of the gustative experience. Whether it is with or without alcohol, with an herbaceous or fruity side, we have a very wide range of flavors to choose from, from appetizer to dessert.


Bunna Fizz by David Palanque


1 cl of Zoco Pacharan

2 cl of Djebenah Buna® (2 cl)

3 cl of Pvrple Gin® infused with hibiscus



In a shaker filled with enough ice, pour all the ingredients.

Shake and double strain into a Tumbler glass and top up with Tonic.

Infuse 10 hibiscus flowers in 50 cl of Pvrple Gin for 30min minimum.