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Perfect accords!

2020 represents a great year for the Distillerie Massenez, it is 150 years of history around Chefs and mixologists from all over the world…

We are happy to valorise these faithful ambassadors through our products, they are the reflection of the permanent exchanges between them and us.

And in the continuity of this interaction, we have asked our friends, artisans, to create The Accords Frappés!

Immerse yourself in the world of Massenez, discover its Eaux-de-Vie, Crèmes & Liqueurs along the Accords Frappés of our famous Alsatian artisans.

The partner artisans


Maison Lorho

Artisan cheese ripeners

Cyrille and Christelle Lorho are revolutionising the world of cheese… and offer you new combinations of Eaux-de-Vie & Liqueurs Massenez and exceptional cheeses.


Mireille Oster

Gingerbread Mireille Oster

Mireille Oster, for her Accord Frappé, has chosen Golden Eight® Pear Liquor, which perfectly matches the flavours of Gingerbread.

Maison Masse

Maison Masse

Foie Gras & Golden Eight®

From the Maison Masse and the Alsatian distillery Massenez results an alliance of flavours: duck foie gras and Golden Eight Williams Pear Liqueur®.

Christophe Meyer

Pâtisserie Christian

Pâtisserie Christian

The Accords Frappés are all found, chocolate and liqueurs! Maison Christian’s chocolate is combined with Massenez Liqueurs, a whole universe of flavours to discover.