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The Chefs around the 150 years of Massenez

2020 represents a great year for the Distillerie Massenez. It’s 150 years of history around Chefs and mixologists from all over the world…

We are happy to valorise these faithful Ambassadors through our products, they are the reflection of the permanent exchanges between them and us. In the continuity of this interaction, we have entrusted our Chef friends with the task of creating or revisiting their recipes!

The Stars Chefs Massenez 150

Marc Haeberlin – L’Auberge de L’Ill – Illhaeusern
Laurent Arbeit – L’Auberge du St Laurent – Sierentz
Patrick Fritz – L’Ami Fritz – Ottrot
Famille Goetz – Chez Julien – Fouday
Jean René Grau & Roger Bouhassoun – Relais & Château La Cheneaudière – Colroy-La-Roche
Marie & Maxime Wucher – Hôtel Restaurant du Parc – Obernai
M & Mme Simon – Chez Arnold – Itterswiller
Jean Georges Klein, Paul Stradner & Romain Iltis – Villa Lalique – Wingen-sur-Moder
Cédric Moulot – Au Crocodile et le 1741 – Strasbourg

The Stars Chefs Massenez 150


Chef of the Auberge de l’Ill at Illhaeusern

Marc Haeberlin, 4th generation of the family at the Auberge de l’Ill – a restaurant with three Michelin stars for more than 50 years – has been one of the faithful ambassadors and friends of the Maison Massenez for generations.

His parents had a true friendship relation with Gaby Massenez and her children. Since the merger of the Distillerie Massenez with the Grandes Distilleries Peureux, this friendship has been developed with Bernard Baud and Elodie Naslin… a transgenerational story far from over!



Chef of the Auberge St-Laurent at Sierentz

This 18th-century Post Office, with its long, flowery and pleasant façade, is a local family institution, authentic and elegant, popular with the faithful as well as with the many travellers from abroad who cross Europe.

At the stove, we find the chef Laurent Arbeit, who started at Haeberlin and Ducasse‘s restaurants. As a true aubergist of modern times, he composes a harmonious and fine cuisine, with well-balanced flavours.

More than a partner, a true friendship has been created between the Maison Massenez and the Auberge Saint Laurent for many years, whether with Marco, the father or Laurent, the son. “A history of friendship and quality products is what makes for two families of enthusiasts a solid bond of friendship.



Chef of the Hotel Restaurant A l’Ami Fritz at Ottrot

In 1970, Jeanine & René took over this 18th century Alsatian Winstub, embellished it and gave it a new identity: a hotel-restaurant. 20 years later, Patrick Fritz, their son and his wife Sophie take over the reins of the house.

While Sophie takes care of the decoration of the hotel, Patrick turns his mother’s family kitchen into gastronomic Alsatian cuisine… a true ambassador and friend of the Maison Massenez since the beginning.
Symbol of this friendship, the famous “soufflé à la Vieille Prune Massenez” has been on the menu of this typical Alsatian restaurant for more than 40 years!


Gérard GOETZ

Chez Julien at Fouday

Chez Julien was a sort of like the second home of Gaby Massenez.
It was a place that he wanted his friends and best clients to discover, giving meaning to Gérard Goetz‘s expression: “Gaby brought the world to us at the Auberge! “.

Thus, a unique friendship and recognition bond was created between the Maison Massenez and the Goetz Family. A bond that continues with the new generation, represented by Hélène and Éléonore Goetz.

To be discovered soon

Roger Bouhassoun

La Cheneaudière at Colroy-La-Roche

La Cheneaudière and Massenez: if this place was also familiar to Gaby, where he liked to taste refined cuisine, it was during his many stays in Alsace that Bernard Baud was able to forge a bond of friendship with the Chef Roger Bouhassoun.

The story of an atypical meeting between a Business Man and a Chef, both driven by the same passion for creation and Alsace, in a unique place! Each meeting is an opportunity to share and discuss new recipes, dishes, desserts, jams … highlighting both savoir-faire.

To be discovered soon

Marie & Maxime WUCHER

Restaurant Le Parc at Obernai

Between the Wucher family and the Massenez family, it is a transgenerational story of friendship and respect for decades. The previous generation had a very good relationship, for example, the Munster Flambé au Marc de Gewurztraminer Massenez has been on the restaurant menu for years and for the crunchy little anecdote, it was Mr. Wucher who came up with the idea of the Miss Massenez cocktail concentrates and was therefore the originator of a major innovation at the Massenez Distillery!

As for the current generation, represented by Marie & Maxime Wucher and Elodie Naslin & Bernard Baud, they maintain this beautiful relation of friendship and trust on both a personal and professional level.

To be discovered soon

Bruno & Mado Simon

Chez Arnold at Itterswiller

Chez Arnold! With these words, eyes and papillae light up because whether it is for Gaby Massenez, her children or today Bernard Baud, this exclamation announces good moments of conviviality and gastronomy within this unmissable stopping place between Villé and Strasbourg.

Expertly run by the Simon family for several generations, Chez Arnold is above all a place where you feel at home! Eaux-de-Vie, Crèmes and Liqueurs Massenez have always held a special place in the cuisine or in the boutique, Le panier d’Augustine.

To be discovered soon

Jean Georges Klein

Villa Lalique at Wingen-sur-Moder

A century-old House in 2020, as a sign for the Massenez Distillery, which celebrates its 150th anniversary that same year. The Chef’s Duo, formed by Jean Georges Klein and Paul Stradner, very quickly earned its second star and offers a colourful, evolving, refined cuisine… The Eaux-de-Vie Massenez naturally find their place here and are, through the genius of this duo, modernised through their dishes!

And last but not least, what can we say about Roman Iltis the Sommelier, already Best Sommelier of France in 2012, then crowned Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2015? He is passionate about his terroir, which gives pride of place to Eaux-de-Vie, Crèmes & Liqueurs Massenez…and in particular to the divine Golden Eight® Pear Liqueur he fell in love with!

To be discovered soon

Romain Brillat

Au Crocodile at Strasbourg

Monique and Emile Jung, previous owners of the famous Crocodile in Strasbourg, which used to have three stars, have always supported the Distillerie Massenez and proposed its Eaux-de-Vie, Crèmes and Liqueurrs on their menu. These human connections were later to be found during the many events of the Etoiles d’Alsace on which the Distillerie Massenez launched its Miss Massenez Cocktails concept. Today in the skilled hands of the talented Chef Romain Brillat, the adventure continues between the Distillerie Massenez and the Crocodile.
The Crocodile is part of the Cédric Moulot Collection group, which also includes the beautiful starred restaurant the 1741.

To be discovered soon