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Innovations again and again!

Associated since 2010 with the Grandes Distilleries Peureux, Bernard Baud manages with Manou Massenez and Elodie Naslin the distillery in Alsace.

Conscious of the quality of their products and aware of the difficulties of this sector on the spirits market, this trinomial pursues the development of Massenez both for export and in France through a more contemporary image due to the emergence of new consumer profiles.

This avant-garde line can be found in its muse MISS MASSENEZ, which proposes a brand new way of tasting Eaux-de-Vie, Crèmes & Liqueurs: cocktails!

Massenez Distillery
Massenez Distillery
Bernard Baud

Bernard Baud

10 years!

2020 celebrates 10 years of a Presidency that was smooth, without being abrupt or rushed… and yet these 10 years have changed everything. Bernard Baud has injected new life into the Distillerie Massenez, while preserving the DNA of the Company.

President of the Grandes Distilleries Peureux, on the other side of the Vosges and famous for its Griottines®, Bernard Baud has always wanted to preserve the Alsatian identity of the Distillerie Massenez.

This gentle transition allowed the Distillerie Massenez to make its way. The innovative character of the President and his leitmotiv “the leaves of the tree can only be beautiful if the roots are solid” will have guided him and allowed him to make the right choices…in Alsace, of course!


Dom Pacello Royal Orange®

Massenez Orange Liqueur, DOM PACELLO ROYAL ORANGE®, is the novelty of 2020 but also one of the most beautiful fruit Liquors of this family Maison and signs the excellence of a know-how transmitted from generation to generation. Classic in appearance, this Orange Liqueur with a hint of Cognac Camus® is unique. Massenez stands out on a playing field where it has all its legitimacy… Exceptional quality, between power and elegance. The Massenez signature!

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Golden Eight®

It is in 2017, after a few years of research and reflection, that the Distillerie Massenez launches the Golden Eight® Pear Liquor. Inspired by a pear liquor recipe by Mr Massenez, this new recipe is embellished with a beautiful engraved carafe in the shape of a pear and a contemporary packaging. This Pear Liqueur, sublimated by an Eau-de-Vie of more than 8 years old Pear is the fruit of a teamwork between Master Distiller and Master Liquorist. Its notes of vanilla and caramel give it an exceptional roundness and the Eau-de-Vie that composes it makes the final note long and voluptuous. A true symphony in the mouth, which in a few years has become one of the Maison Massenez best-sellers, both in France and abroad.

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Dom Pacello Atmosphere

Garden Party®

It is on the line of Gaby Massenez, always in search of innovation, that Bernard Baud has the ingenious idea to push the door of the vegetable garden…while the Distillerie Massenez has been distilling fruit for generations, it will also be the first to produce distillates and liquors of Cucumber, Espelette Peppers, Porcini mushrooms, Garlic, Basil, Thyme, Dried Tomato…A complete range full of colours and character, awarded by many Innovation Contests. Garden Party® is a unique product range in the world that will delight the greatest Mixologists and Chefs, who are surfing on the green trend! With its bucolic accents, Garden Party® is a real invitation to freshness!

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Cocktail concentrates

This concept of Miss Massenez cocktails allows the Distillerie Massenez to revitalize its image and reach a new audience. These cocktail concentrates are designed to facilitate the preparation of cocktails, while maintaining exceptional quality and flavours. Miss Massenez cocktails allow the brand to be associated with prestigious charity, associative or sporting events, and to become the must-have for a chic and original cocktail bar, both in Alsace and in the most beautiful Parisian establishments.

These events, both glamorous and chic, are finally a kind of rebirth of the Eaux-de-Vie Massenez era where Massenez was associated with the most beautiful French events. The Miss Massenez concept – fresher, more up-to-date – allows us to reconnect with the glamorous spirit of the brand.

Garden Party®
Massenez Cocktail Concentrates