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It all started with meetings…

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Distillerie Massenez, Bernard Baud – President – and Élodie Naslin – Marketing & Communication Director of Grandes Distilleries Peureux Massenez – approached the famous couple of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Fromagers, Christelle and Cyrille Lorho. These two couples struck up a friendship, and their passionate discussions gave rise to a shared desire to promote their respective expertise through new ways of eating. Accords Frappés® come to life and revolutionize the cheese moment!

These Accords Frappés pair Massenez spirits with mature cheeses for a delicious awakening of the senses. Following the success of one of these pairings, “Caresse de Bleu“, combining Roquefort Caves Baragnaudes & Golden Eight, Cyrille Lorho arranged a meeting with Xavier Thuret, also a MOF and committed to Maison Société. This is how Maison Peureux-Massenez meets Maison Société and its incredible history. It took over 160 years for these two iconic companies to come together!

From these encounters sprang Bernard Baud’s idea to work specifically on this Roquefort to extract its very essence and create Liqueur de Roquefort! A unique product that brings Société® into the world of spirits… Two hitherto unknown worlds come together, and the alchemy expresses itself as much in mixology as in gastronomy!

The work of the Masters: Refiner, Distiller and Liquorist…

Refined according to the rules of a thousand-year-old tradition and meeting the specifications of its PDO, the Roquefort is entrusted to the Master Liquorist and the Master Distiller, whose skills complement each other to perfect this Liqueur. Massenez & Société® Roquefort Liqueur is the symbol of a tradition rooted in the companies and people behind this project: modernity.

The result of a research process at the Grandes Distilleries Peureux Massenez laboratory, it took over two years to design, test and finally validate this very special liqueur. A succession of macerations, filtrations and infusions, kept very secret, but above all without any external additions, precedes a very special distillation process totally adapted to this raw material, unprecedented in the world of eaux-de-vie!

This unique Roquefort liqueur is the signature of two exceptional Houses, provoking the senses by combining the art of the Master Refiner and the know-how of the Master Distiller. Surprising in cocktails, bluffing in gastronomy… and simply spectacular with Massenez La Baguette® ! Around this innovation, some of the great names in mixology and gastronomy have expressed their creativity in the service of taste buds. Discover the suggestions and creations of Patrick Henriroux, Romuald Fassenet, Angelo Musa and David Palanque.