Massenez at the service of Mixology

The Massenez distillery is an iconic collection of fruit brandies, creams and liqueurs that have been constantly reinvented and enriched, and have been present in the finest bars, palaces and starred restaurants around the world since 1870. Always in an avant-garde spirit, Massenez has surrounded itself with the best professionals to provide consumers with unique experiences.

Experts in the complex and sophisticated art of mixology, with exceptional creativity, in-depth knowledge of ingredients and precision in dosage, our mixologists pay attention to the smallest details. It is the mixologists’ creativity, expertise and passion that transforms a simple blend of ingredients into an unforgettable sensory experience.

At Massenez, we are proud to make our finest products available to mixologists who are passionate about providing an experience that goes beyond the simple consumption of cocktails.

Our mixologists

Pierre Boueri – Professional Mixologist & Trainer

David Palanque – Meilleur Ouvrier de France Barman

Laure Gassmann – Professional Mixologist

Our mixologists

Pierre Boueri

Professional Mixologist & Trainer

Known in the world of mixology for more than 25 years, Pierre Boueri is a key player in this field. Trainer for the George V group, Barrière, Club Med, Pernod Ricard... manager of prestigious bars in Miami and New-York, or Chef Barman for the Disney group in Paris and Orlando... His creative facility and his passion have opened the doors of the most beautiful establishments, all over the world.

David Palanque

Meilleur Ouvrier de France Barman

After graduating from a bar school in London, David Palanque worked in bars of Parisian palaces, then on the Côte d'Azur and now at the famous Harry's Bar in Cannes. At the same time, David became professional friends with Pierre Boueri, whom he met in Singapore, and fell in love with the divine Golden Eight liqueur, which took him to the top of the world's greatest cocktail competitions.

Laure Gassmann

Professional Mixologist

Laure works at the Aviators bar, ``Les Aviats`` for those who know it well. A reference in the nightlife in Strasbourg. It's THE bar that everyone knows, where everyone has at least heard of, and where generations follow one another... for 38 years now!