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« Les Bleu-Blanc-Rouge »

A gustatory and human encounter between two houses: Massenez and the famous Maison Lohro, Master cheese ripeners. Les Accords Frappés® were born, marrying the House’s finest liqueurs with the most subtle cheeses, notably Caves Baragnaudes Société Roquefort and the divine Golden Eight® pear liqueur.

Such was his success that the Liquorist met Xavier Thuret – « Meilleur Ouvrier de France Fromager » 2007 at Maison Société – and the idea was born of creating a Roquefort Liqueur.

At the same time, in the laboratories of Grandes Distilleries Peureux, a new product is being perfected that is sure to be talked about: a bread liqueur, christened « Massenez la Baguette® ».

Massenez Eaux-de-Vie
Massenez Eaux-de-Vie

The Massenez Eaux-de-Vie impose their signature by their quality and finesse in the mouth …

Eaux-de-Vie at 40° or 46° depending on the range, but always with the same subtlety and aromatic intensity that reminds you of the fragility of the original fruit…

From luxurious bottles to traditional flutes, Massenez has kept its authenticity, both in the bottle and in the method of distillation. A world reference in its sector…

« Trésors Massenez »

The Maison Massenez, always in search of excellence, invites you to discover the « Trésors Massenez »…

With the sumptuous Golden Eight® Liqueur, Dom Pacello Royal Orange® and the latest Djebenah Buna®… … the whole world of French luxury is contained within these magnificent carafes.

Unique creations, exceptional products, symbols of the secular know-how of the Distillerie Massenez Master Liquorists for 150 years.
History continues to be written with Massenez…

« Massenez Collection Privée »

The Massenez Private Collection, created as a tribute to the Chinese Zodiac.

This Collection is the fruit of numerous journeys, initiatory immersions and intimate sharing, all sources of inspiration that will give life to each of the twelve liqueurs illustrating each animal of the Zodiac to which this tribute is paid.

After the first two opuses: Ox & Roses® for the Year of the Ox, built on a young cognac, and Tigers & Lys® in honor of the Year of the Tiger, fleshed out by a Blended Scotch Whisky, Bunny & Jasmine®, a union of a delicate Calvados and a carrot Eau-de-Vie, is the new stage in an initiatory gustatory journey around the Chinese zodiac wheel.

Garden Party
Garden Party

Massenez asserts even more its legitimacy in the bar world with the Garden Party Range!

Cucumber, beetroot, carrot, basil, thyme… a complete range of vegetable or herb distillates that is not lacking in vitamins and colours!

At 69% vol., this brand new range brings the green touch to the most daring cocktails!

Miss Massenez Cocktail Concentrates
Massenez Cocktail Concentrates

Discover the new range of Miss Massenez Cocktail Concentrates. The Miss Massenez collection invites you to revisit cocktails – Mojito, Pina Colada, Cosmo…!

These concentrates have been designed to facilitate the preparation of Miss Massenez Cocktails, while maintaining exceptional quality and flavor.

One dose of concentrate, 2 doses of fruit juice and a few ice cubes… for a simply elegant cocktail.

Massenez Creams & Liquors
Massenez Crèmes & Liqueurs

It is thanks to the secular know-how of the Master Liquorists and a strict selection of ingredients that the Distillerie Massenez has been offering you the best Crèmes & Liqueurs since 1870.

The smoothness of the Crèmes & Liqueurs Massenez, their right balance, and the elegance of their aromas make them the most used Crèmes & Liqueurs in the world of the bar.

High-end products, but which will please all palates thanks to an unequalled aromatic pallet.

Massenez Wines
Massenez Wines

These Chilean wines are made in accordance with French winemaking traditions and are aged in oak barrels from the Tronçais forest.

The microclimate of the Alto Rapel Valley allows the grapes to ripen slowly and completely for an exceptional result.

These sublime wines complete the Massenez product range… and are produced in limited edition!