The partners of the 150 years

Guillaume Gomez - Cuisines de l'Elysée

Elysée’s Cuisines

Guillaume Gomez

Guillaume Gomez has been officiating at the Elysée since 2004 and is now the Chef of the Elysée’s Cuisines. He has an affectionate relationship with this beautiful region that is Alsace, cultivating many professional friendships. It is on EGAST in Strasbourg, that he won his first cuisine competition and it is at the Crocodile of Monique and Emile Jung that he first took place in a 3 Michelin-starred restaurant. Because of his fame, Guillaume Gomez is solicited on all continents and each time he notices the presence of Massenez products all over the world!

2020 celebrates the 10 years of the “gastronomic meal of the French”, classified at Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010, but also the 10 years of Bernard Baud as president of the Distillerie Massenez. As ambassadors of the customary social practices of the French meal, the two men defend the promotion of digestives to extend this French art of living.

Groupe FHB – Franck Meunier_

FHB Group

Franck Meunier

With its desire to be a creator of social ties, the FHB group today claims the management of 13 establishments in Strasbourg and its surroundings. Restaurants, a hidden bar, a cocktail bar… at the helm of this mastodon of the event industry is Franck Meunier. An enterprising man, “bon vivant”, with the ambition to take over and optimize establishments.

To do so, the group focuses on 3 points: work, conviviality and innovation… three key words that can equally apply to the Maison Massenez.

Work, exigency, rigour, is the guiding thread of 150 years of history, and it is also the guiding thread of all the teams of the FHB group. Conviviality comes through the sharing of moments, the experience of a Massenez cocktail in one of Franck Meunier’s establishments, and innovation as Franck says: “it is the characteristic of the company to reinvent itself, there is nothing worse than a colossus with feet of clay, to believe that because we have reached this point, we will not collapse”, so it is a necessity in order to project ourselves into the future!

FHB and Massenez, two Alsatian entities working hand in hand, in agreement on the same philosophy and common values. All the symbol of Massenez 150 years!

Christian Schmitter


Christian Schmitter

Massenez and the Schmitter family is a story that has always existed. Long before the family created CroisiEurope, the parents of the current generation had a restaurant and had Massenez Eaux-de-Vie on the menu! This history was then perpetuated through the next generation who decided to use Massenez Eaux-de-Vie, Crèmes et Liqueurs on all their boats. They decided to set up an “All Inclusive” while continuing to offer a qualitative service with Alsatian products. It came just at the right time because the Maison Massenez had just launched the “Miss Massenez cocktail concentrates” … or when supply meets demand!

Subsequently, a story of friendship with personal ties and similarities in the lives of men followed. It is a beautiful story, quite emblematic of Massenez 150 years because these 150 years are only stories of men, relationships, exchanges, trust, and career paths. This is what remains, products are gradually forgotten, new ones are created, we innovate, but human relations are what remains in the end.

Europa-Park - Thomas Mack


Thomas Mack

The link between Europa-Park and Massenez is very old, Europa-Park being notably the 1st export customer of the Distillerie Massenez! The meeting took place through Roland Mack and Gaby Massenez. The two companies have similarities, they have experience, Massenez celebrating its 150 years and “Mack Rides” (a company that built rides), was founded in 1780. Both Maisons export their know-how internationally where they are reference brands and they share the same philosophical and work values while being in a universe of celebration and conviviality.

Groupe SALPA - Famille Burrus


The Burrus family

There has been a close link between these two Maisons since 1981 through the Chocolaterie Schaal, but also between the Burrus family and the Massenez family. Each generation has created a bond, Jean-Philippe Burrus’ father with Gaby and his children (Manou and Dominique) and he himself became friends with Jean-Benoit (Manou’s son), and today the story continues with Bernard Baud.

As proof, since 2015, for each new restaurant acquisition by the Salpa group, their first action is to reference Massenez products. The Secrets des Grands Express, the Maison Artzner, the Relais de la Poste and finally the Crocodile… all these establishments have one thing in common, they have referenced Massenez since the beginning!

Etoiles d'Alsace - Edouard Baumann

Etoiles d’Alsace

Edouard Baumann

An association that brings together the representatives of Alsatian excellence! The Maison Massenez has been a partner of the Etoiles d’Alsace since their creation 30 years ago. First, through Manou Massenez and for 10 years now with Bernard Baud and Elodie Naslin.

A partnership of mutual trust because the Distillerie Massenez is a partner of the tables of the Etoiles d’Alsace when they themselves are partners of the innovations of the Distillerie Massenez. Their common objective? To promote the gastronomic heritage of Alsace through a world in perpetual evolution… A history which is only at its beginning!

Brasserie Météor – Yolande Haag

Brasserie Meteor

Haag Family

The Brasserie Meteor and Massenez is a parallel between two companies strongly impregnated with the Alsatian culture. Two Alsatian institutions, both driven by passion and love for their business but also for their cultural heritage.

Meteor is above all a model, a model of longevity, dynamism and innovation to which the Maison Massenez is attached. 340 years of existence, the 8th generation currently in place… to be able one day to dry up such a longevity, it is a dream that the Distillerie Massenez pursues by advancing each day.

They are thus two partners not bound by a commercial relationship, but only human and friendly. People who know, without being there every day, that whatever happens, they will be able to count on each other. This is also what Massenez 150 years is all about, building relationships of trust and celebrating them together.