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Yolande Haag et Elodie Naslin

Famille Haag

Massenez 150 years

The links with Maison Massenez
Elodie Naslin, Bernard Baud & Yolande Haag

The companies Meteor and Massenez are Alsatian jewels, models of success, transmission and longevity, sharing the same humanist and entrepreneurial values, the same quality requirements, the rigour of work, the ability to adapt, to innovate, to stay abreast of trends and to listen to the markets. Elodie Naslin, Massenez Marketing Director and Yolande Haag, Meteor Ambassador, who held the same functions, show mutual respect and admiration, with complicity.

“About ten years ago, I called Elodie Miss Massenez,” smiles Yolande Haag. “Like the Miss, so beautifully crayoned by Bernard, Elodie is elegant, dynamic and travels a lot.

She is a gem, which beautifully highlights these products. She is an extraordinary communicator! But, behind the glitter, I know that there is a lot of work to be done. For 10 years, with Michel, we have followed the evolution of Elodie and Bernard’s work with great admiration. You work as a couple and we measure the difficulties, and like us, you form a complementary duo between know-how and making it known. To succeed, you must always move in the same direction”. “Loving each other is not looking at each other, it is looking together in the same direction” (cit. St-Exupéry).

At the time of the launch of Miss Massenez, recalls Elodie Naslin, “our challenge was to breathe new life into the distillery. Yolande immediately supported us in this project and she believed in us. We appreciated her advice, her benevolent presence and her encouragement which gave us confidence. This is why she too is part of the Massenez story. We share so many things, our products offer conviviality and we work as a couple like Yolande and her husband Michel.

There is this mirror effect that challenges, this mutual and tacit understanding. But above all this passion which animates us. Yolande is an emblematic figure. I admire her personality, her career as a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur, evolving in a rather masculine universe. Yolande is a model of work and success, an example to follow. She has put all her soul into embodying Meteor, with passion and energy. It’s admirable”.