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Franck Meunier

Massenez 150 years

The links with Maison Massenez
Groupe FHB – Franck Meunier_

The meeting between the Massenez teams and those of Franck Meunier (FHB group) took place at the EGAST 2012 exhibition. Captured by the work, technical advice and creativity of Pierre Boueri, the inspired mixologist Massenez, Franck Meunier, grasped the potential of the products that he has put on the menus of the establishments in his FHB group, which includes around ten bars and restaurants. A visit to the distillerie in Dieffenbach-au-Val, followed by a tasting / training session, is the final step in instilling creativity in his staff. Le Troquets de Kneckes, Les Aviateurs and L’Aedaen Speakeasy have created recipes to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Alsatian company.

At trade fairs, I look for innovations, announces Franck Meunier. “We tested and exchanged with the Massenez mixologist, who put the Miss Massenez concentrates in situation, enhancing their use. There is no limit to creativity, except the one you put on yourself intellectually. Innovation is essential in a context of the emergence of a female market, with strong development. It turns out that strong alcohols are rather masculine. This is why the Miss Massenez, Golden Eight® and Garden Party® cocktails with their delicate and atypical fragrances correspond to our research and their expectations. Massenez saved us time and helped us to gain the loyalty of our regulars. Another evolution is to be taken into consideration, neo-consumers prefer less alcohol, more taste, originality and new flavours to prolong the evening and enjoy several cocktails.

For FHB or Massenez, concludes Franck Meunier, “the company’s characteristic is to reinvent itself. There is nothing worse than a colossus with feet of clay.”

We developed the Miss Massenez concept with Elodie, emphasises Bernard Baud, “to target both a younger and more feminine clientele, to innovate in cocktails and to offer Fruits Eaux-de-Vie to break free from their digestive straitjacket. This is our wager on the future to continue the adventure of 150 years, to project Fruits Eaux-de-Vie in the bar segment and the night world. We were lucky enough to have a company director, a visionary like us, as our contact. Franck is a Massenez Ambassador, because we share the same values: high standards, rigour and the conviction that innovation is essential”.

The Speakeasy, the cocktail bar of the Aedaen Place in Strasbourg, opened in 2016. For the 150th anniversary, Raphael, a mixologist, has created the Dieffenbach Manhattan cocktail, a short drink full of flavour. “I love working with the fruit Eaux-de-Vie from our Alsatian terroir, for their frank aromas, which allows me, for example, to replace vodka and raspberry syrup with the Framboise Sauvage Massenez. I bring fruit without the sugar. Massenez products are of great quality and we have a story and know-how to tell our customers “.


The recipes

Recipe of the Bar Aedaen Speakeasy: The Dieffenbach Manhattan.

Le Dieffenbach Manhattan

Recipe of the Bar Aedaen Speakeasy: The Dieffenbach Manhattan.

  • 20ml Golden Eight®
  • 20ml Amaro
  • 20ml Fino sherry
  • 10ml Massenez Vieille Prune
  • Massenez Garden Party® Cumin Spray

Recipe from the Bar des Aviateurs: Le Royal Kosmo.

Le Royal Kosmo

Rendezvous in the famous bar Les Aviateurs in Strasbourg, a veritable institution since 1984, where Laure, the bar manager, prepares “Royal Kosmo”, the anniversary cocktail for the 150th anniversary of Massenez. “Beyond the discovery of the new Dom Pacello Royal Orange®, the innovation for me is to use Eau-de-Vie in cocktails. It’s something I’ve never seen before! I used to drink them only at the end of the meal”.

Recipe from the Bar des Aviateurs: Le Royal Kosmo

  • 3cl Dom Pacello Royal Orange®
  • 2cl Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie Massenez
  • 8cl cranberry juice
  • ½ lime

Recipe of the Troquet des Kneckes : L’Arrogance


The Troquet des Kneckes in Strasbourg cultivates the slightly offbeat Alsatian theme. “We are proud to work with the Massenez product range and to have developed the “Arrogance” cocktail for the 150th anniversary,” says Tom. “I also use Marc de Gewurztraminer a lot, especially for the Alsatian coffees, and we have a nice menu with the great classics Fruits Eaux-de-Vie, the Massenez Crèmes and Liqueurs.

Recipe of the Troquet des Kneckes : L’Arrogance

  • 5 cl Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie Massenez
  • 15ml vanilla syrup
  • Tonic
  • 4 lime wedges 
  • Fresh mint