Maison Lorho

Maison Lorho

The accords frappés

Cyrille et Christelle Lorho are revolutionising the world of cheese... and offer you new combinations of Eaux-de-Vie & Liqueurs Massenez and exceptional cheeses.

Maison Lorho

Christelle and Cyrille Lorho - MOF Cheesemaker of France

The Accords Frappés

“…a new wind is blowing on your cheese cart… get ready!…”

Christelle et Cyrille Lorho

“Creative and ambitious, Christelle and Cyrille Lorho bring a different and original vision of the cheese moment. Their expertise opens the doors to a new way of consuming cheese and spirits.
Their work on the Accords Frappés brings modernity to the traditional cheese platter and gives pep and glamour to this moment of tasting. Offering an Eau-de-vie or a Liqueur at the time of the cheese is unusual, yet it is a marriage that sublimates both the cheese and the spirit.

All the senses are awakened… the accords worked out by the famous MOF couple from Strasbourg are as surprising as they are marvellous! We are proud to work alongside Christelle and Cyrille.

Friends above all, they are also professionals whom we admire and with whom we share the same values. Their work on these Accords Frappés Massenez is extraordinary.
A new wind is blowing on your cheese platter… get ready! »

Bernard Baud, CEO, Distillerie Massenez & Elodie Naslin, Marketing Director

Maison Lorho

Maison Lorho, whose shop is located in the heart of Strasbourg in the historic and touristic district of the Cathedral, has launched in 2011 a new concept of local cheese dairy: open, friendly, tasty and right from the store window. Here, everything is inviting and tempting!

The customer’s welcome and advice are very real: the Prix de l’Accueil was awarded to them in 2014 and 2015 by the Strasbourg CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)!

Maison Lorho has always been very attached to the maturing of cheeses, which enables it to offer products that meet its requirements. In 2012, Maison Lorho decided to develop this activity and embarked on a new adventure: the creation of “Les Fromages de l’Abbaye” maturing cellars in Moyenmoutier, which were inaugurated on 6 October 2013.

Photo credits for this paragraph: Source : par Marcel Ehrhard

At the same time, Christelle and Cyrille Lorho set out to conquer the international market by distributing their cheeses directly in neighbouring countries, such as Germany, or through partners, such as in Switzerland.

Their cheeses can also be found more and more in Alsatian farms offering farm products to the large public.
Since 2019, Christelle and Cyrille Lorho are the first, and only, couple of MOF Fromager in France!

Maison Lorho

3 rue des Orfèvres – 67000 Strasbourg<br /> + 33 (0)3 88 32 71 20

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Discover these surprising accords. An Eau-de-vie or a Liquor at the time of cheese, it is a marriage that sublimates both cheese and spirit.

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