Maison Masse

Maison Masse

The accords Frappés

Taste-maker since 1884. Here is the story of an alliance of flavours: duck foie gras and Golden Eight Williams Pear Liqueur®.

Maison Masse

Sabine & Frédéric Masse

The Accords Frappés

A marriage of tastes…  Semi-cooked Perigord duck foie gras Masse and Golden Eight Williams Pear Liqueur®
Golden Eight Foie Gras

Foie gras Golden Eight®

Maison Masse, a family at the service of gastronomy for more than 135 years. A recognized expertise now available for amateur cooks and epicureans.

Foie Gras :
A savoir-faire handed down over 4 generations, practiced in our 4 laboratories.

Taste-maker :
The signature that reveals the talent of the committed producers who trust us.

Teams :
Passionate and reactive in 4 regions of France for a personalized service.

Truffle :
The profession of great-grandfather Masse.

Maison Masse

Maison Masse - le Marché des Chefs<br /> Rue du Marché Gare - 67200 Strasbourg


Maison Masse

Continue the delicacy...


Our Fruit Liquor Best Seller!
A divine Pear Liquor, sublimated by an Eau-de-Vie of Pear Massenez of more than 8 years of age …

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Crush on this Golden Eight® foie gras,
a recipe unique in the world and a marriage
that will flatter the palate of the most gourmet.

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