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Bruno & Mado Simon

Chez Arnold in Itterswiller
Bruno & Mado Simon

Bruno & Mado Simon

Massenez 150 years

The Chef’s links with Maison Massenez
Bruno & Mado Simon, Elodie et Bernard_

My father always told me “it is thanks to Gaby Massenez that Alsace was known! Because he travelled everywhere” recalls Mado Simon, who took over the winstub Arnold, founded by his father in 1962 in Itterswiller, developing it into a flourishing hotel-restaurant on the Alsace Wine Route. “Gaby was a regular, and almost an Arnold ambassador, because he brought us a lot of customers. He made us known and we owe him a lot“.
Cherry Gaby cherries pay homage to him, filling their inevitable “Iced kouglof with Massenez Kirsch-Vieux and Cherry Gaby cherries”.

In 2010, the takeover of the distillerie by Bernard Baud reassured Mado and Bruno. “We often see Elodie and Bernard here.

“Arnold is their pied à terre, they are at home with us. We quickly became friends and Massenez products continued to sell here as before”. They have continued their friendship with the Distillerie Massenez, a neighbour in the Val de Villé. “Thanks to Bernard, the Maison Massenez is going to last, it’s warm to our hearts”, confides Mado.

Their souvenir shop stocks Massenez products. “When a customer buys an Eau-de-Vie, he or she also takes away a souvenir, a taste of childhood, a concentrate of the terroir”, notes Bernard Baud. “And more than a souvenir, an Eau-de-Vie is an emotion.”

The recipe

Iced kouglof in Kirsch-Vieux with Cherry Gaby cherries

Le kouglof glacé au Kirsch-Vieux
Hotel Arnold

Winstub Arnold

Winstub Arnold

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