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Le Parc Hôtel in Obernai
Marie & Maxime Wucher

Marie & Maxime WUCHER

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Massenez 150 years

The Family’s links with Maison Massenez
Hôtel du Parc Obernai

“One day, Gaby Massenez said to me: “Kid, I’m going to teach you what Eaux-de-Vie are, come to the distillerie“, recalls Marc Wucher. “He showed me his stills and then he unrolled some plans, explaining to me: ” I’m going to make a fantastic distillery, the most beautiful in Alsace, we’re going to be the best ! He made me taste his famous Framboise Sauvage. It was for me the Rolls Royce, the Holy Grail of Eaux-de-Vie. Still today, I thank Gaby Massenez, he was a great gentleman, inspiring a lot of respect. I will never forget that he put my foot in the stirrup “.

The Massenez Eaux-de-Vie are displayed on the menu of the Parc, with the emblematic and historic signature recipe: “the munster flambéed with Marc de Gewurztraminer, which always work great, offering a spectacle in the restaurant room. The customers love it”, exclaims Marc Wucher.

10 years ago, the generational changeovers with Maxime, Marie and Cyril at Le Parc, and Elodie and Bernard at Massenez, perpetuate the relationships built on the basis of trust, respect and solidarity between the beautiful Alsatian Maisons, both flagship of an economy, the art of living and tourism.

“In 2010, we came to present the new Miss Massenez cocktails”, remember Elodie and Bernard, “to innovate in the world of bars and cocktails. Marc Wucher gave us great advice, telling us the constraints of the service, and inspired us to develop cocktail concentrates.

We listened to him and our teams worked on the creation of Massenez cocktail concentrates, more operational for professionals. Thanks to Marc, the idea of pre-dosing the spirit mixes, offers barmen a time saving by simply adding the fruit juices. 150 years of Massenez celebrate this strong and constructive link between our companies, this passion to move forward together in the same direction. »

In pastry making, Marie Wucher works wonders with Massenez Eaux-de-Vie. “It is really an essential element, which will always give a little boost to cooked fruits, in sorbets and ice creams. They bring freshness and balance the fat of certain preparations. I can’t do without them, I noticed it when I was working in Dubai for Yannick Alleno for example.

For the 150th anniversary of Massenez, I prepared a mille-feuille with the new Dom Pacello Liqueur which is sublime with the expression of the frank orange and the roundness of the confit. It is a classic dessert twisted in its cubic form and with the Liqueur, the thread of the dessert, since the strawberries are marinated in it. It is also found in light cream and sorbet.

“Marie’s culinary personality is really exciting, feminine, soft and elegant, totally in harmony with our Eaux-de-Vie and Liqueurs”, says Elodie Naslin.

The recipes

Recipe 1: Mille-feuille cube with Dom Pacello,

marinated strawberries and sorbet

Mille-feuille cube au Dom Pacello

Recipe 1: Mille-feuille cube with Dom Pacello, marinated strawberries and sorbet

Ingredients for 10 persons :

  •     500g puff pastry
  •     Strawberry sorbet

Lower the laminate to 2 mm. Cook between two grids and two sheets for 15 minutes at 170°C and then 15 minutes at 150°C. Cut into 6 cm squares with a saw-knife.

Dom Pacello light cream:

  •     225g pastry cream
  •     2.5g of gelatine
  •     20g of Dom Pacello Royal Orange®.
  •     150g whipped cream

Heat 100g of custard cream. Add the softened gelatine and whip well. Mix with the rest of the custard cream. Smooth well and cool. Add the Dom Pacello Royal Orange® and fold in the whipped cream. Place in a piping bag.

The marinated strawberries :

  •     200 g of strawberries
  •     Dom Pacello Royal Orange

Cut the strawberries into brunoise. Add Dom Pacello and leave to marinate.

The French meringue :

  •     120g of egg white
  •     100g caster sugar
  •     100g icing sugar

Whisk the egg whites with the caster sugar gradually. Add the icing sugar to the maryse. Using a stencil, make 6 cm squares of meringue. Dry in the oven at 90°C for 2 hours.

Assembly :
Place a square of puff pastry in a 6 cm square cookie cutter. Add Dom Pacello cream on the edges. Add a spoonful of marinated strawberries. Add a second square of puff pastry. Poach a second layer of Dom Pacello cream. Place a ball of strawberry sorbet and finish with a square of meringue. Sprinkle with icing sugar.

Recipe 2: Dom Pacello Royal Orange® flambéed pancakes

Ingredients for a service :

  •     265g of flour
  •     635g of milk
  •     105g of hazelnut butter
  •     160g of egg white
  •     42g of egg yolk
  •     105g of sugar
  •     2g of salt
  •     200g of water

Procedure :
Mix all ingredients well. Add the hot hazelnut butter while stirring. Strain through a sieve. Leave to rest overnight. Cook in a very hot frying pan and fold in eight.

The flambéing :

  •     – 200g of orange juice
  •     – 100g caster sugar
  •     – 50g of Dom Pacello Royal Orange®.

Make a dry caramel. Deglaze with orange juice. Add the pancakes and let them soak on both sides. Flambé with Dom Pacello Royal Orange®. Serve immediately.

Les crêpes flambées au Dom Pacell

Recipe 2: Dom Pacello Royal Orange® flambéed pancakes