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Chef Auberge de l’Ill at Illhaeusern
Marc Haerberlin

Marc Haerberlin

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Massenez 150 years

The Massenez signature dish
Pancakes flambeed with Kirsch Massenez and Cherry Massenez Cream

Marc Haeberlin | Pancakes flambeed with Kirsch Massenez and Cherry Massenez Cream

Marc Haeberlin, what is your connection with the Massenez house?
M.H: It is very old and dates back to the end of the 50s when Gaby Massenez came here very often; he was a great friend of the family.

You have Massenez Eaux-de-vie on the menu, what does it matter?
M.H : We have some on the digestive menu, it’s important because they are high quality Eaux-de-vie that a lot of people know and ask us for.

Do you have a recipe with Eaux-de-vie Massenez à la carte?
M.H : Yes, it’s a dish that we have had for more than 40 years on the menu and which is a dessert, it’s the “Cherry Gaby” crêpes. These are Crêpes flambées with Massenez Morello cherry liquor, filled with vanilla cream and Griottines®. It is no longer removed from the menu.

How did the idea for this recipe come about? What was Gaby’s reaction?
M.H : The idea came from my father, we had a regular customer of the house, Mireille Matthieu; he named the Mireille Matthieu pancakes in honour of Mireille. Then, in honour of our friendship with Gaby Massenez, we renamed them “Cherry Gaby pancakes”.

Any anecdotes between your daddy and Gaby? What did Gaby eat when he came over?
M.H: 9 times out of 10 the same thing! A bit of foie gras as an aperitif, frog mousseline, roast poultry on the spit and small bäkeofe with truffles and as a dessert, the Cherry Gaby pancakes.

How would you describe Gaby?
M.H: Gaby was above all a bon vivant, he loved good food, brandies, wines and women too of course!