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Nicolas Stamm & Serge Schaal

La Fourchette des Ducs
La Fourchette des Ducs

Nicolas Stamm & Serge Schaal

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Massenez 150 years

The Chef’s links with Maison Massenez
La Fourchette des Ducs

The Distillerie Massenez is celebrating its 150 years of success, evolution, transmission and innovation, with the guiding principle being the desire to preserve its Alsatian identity, its roots and the notion of a family home.

Serge Schaal and Nicolas Stamm, 2 Michelin stars, are members of the Etoiles d’Alsace and the Grandes Tables du Monde. They cultivate this art of living and entertaining the French way, with all the elegance and excellence required by these two memberships.

For the 150th anniversary of Massenez, Jessy Rhinn-Auvray, (selected in the 30 best pastry chefs in France Michelin 2019) has revisited the Black Forest, with a whipped cream made with Kirsch-Vieux Massenez, and decorated with Griottines® from the Maison Peureux.

Bernard Baud, president of the two companies (Massenez and Peureux) salutes this perfect marriage: “More than a restaurant, the Fourchette des Ducs is a Maison that envelops you in benevolence, well-being and epicurean pleasures. A suspended time, an emotion that one tries to retain by prolonging it with a Liqueur or an Eau-de-Vie. The gastronomic meal of the French, classified as part of the cultural and intangible heritage of Humanity, ends with the traditional digestive.”

“In Alsace, the dessert is generously sprinkled, and when it is as elegant as this black forest, the distillers are in heaven. They unite with the restaurant owners in their desire to give pleasure.”

“We have so many values to share. The Maison Massenez is above all, like us, a family home. You have brought together your family of ambassadors to celebrate your 150th anniversary, with whom you have forged strong bonds, human ties, loyalty and closeness. These are values that are more important than ever in today’s society. The way you are, the way you lead your teams, the way you build your relationships – for me, this is the future!”

Ten years ago, adds Bernard Baud, “I wanted above all to continue writing history with the actors who contributed to this incredible adventure. We got to know each other and preserved this common thread between all the ambassadors. It is a pride, ten years after my arrival at the presidency of Massenez, to see our Eaux-de-Vie still present, faithfully on your card. Thank you for your confidence.”

The recipe

Whipped cream with Eau-de-Vie Massenez and Griottines® Peureux®.

Dessert La Fourchette des Ducs

Whipped cream with Eau-de-Vie Massenez and Griottines® Peureux®.

Ingredients for 8 persons :

The chocolate biscuit:

  • 280g of egg yolk
  • 260g caster sugar
  • 250g of egg white
  • 50g of flour
  • 50g corn starch
  • 50g cocoa powder
  • 100g melted butter

The whipped cream with Kirsch Vieux :

  • 25cl of milk
  • 80g of egg yolk
  • 90g of sugar
  • 5 gelatine leaves
  • 220g of Isigny cream
  • 15cl of Kirsch Vieux Massenez

Vanilla ice cream :

  • 500g of whole milk
  • 165g of cream
  • 50g milk powder
  • 100g of sugar
  • 90g of egg yolk
  • 1 vanilla pod

The glaze :

  • 225g of cream
  • 280g of dark chocolate
  • 600g of neutral topping
  • 60g of water

The filling :

  • 40 Griottines® Peureux

The chocolate biscuit :
Blanch the egg yolks with 200 g of sugar.
Beat the egg whites and squeeze them with the remaining sugar.
Assemble half of the egg whites and the egg yolk.
Mix the second half of the egg whites with the cornstarch and cocoa. Gently combine the two masses and gently fold in the melted butter. Spread the mass on a 40 x 60 cm baking tray lined with a sylpat and bake at 180°C for 10 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

Whipped cream with kirsch :
Whip the cream, flavour with kirsch and keep in a cool place. Boil the milk. Blanch the yolks with the sugar. Assemble the two elements and cook at 84°C while stirring. Stir in the gelatine (previously soaked) and then cool on ice. Assemble the two pieces of equipment and set aside in a cool place.

The vanilla ice cream :
Boil the milk with the cream, the milk powder and the vanilla pod. Blanch the yolks with the sugar. Assemble the two appliances and cook at 84°C while stirring. Pass through a sieve and then through an ice-cream maker.

The icing : 
Boil the topping and the water. Bring the cream to the boil and pour it three times over the chocolate. Assemble the 2 appliances. Mix without adding air. Store in a bain-marie at 32°C.

Assembly :
Cut the biscuit into 3 strips of 56 X 9 cm.
Fill a 56 X 9 cm frame with a strip of biscuit.
Soak with the morello cherry syrup.
Poach about 1.5 cm high of whipped kirsch cream, smooth and garnish with morello cherries.
Poach cream to the height of the morello cherries.
Repeat once and finish with a layer of biscuit.
Leave to set in the freezer overnight, then cut into 2.5 cm wide slices. Arrange on a rack and glaze with the chocolate icing at 32°C.

Dressing : 
Arrange the entremet in the middle of the plate. Poach 5 dots of whipped cream with kirsch on the left side with a morello cherry on the top dot. Arrange an ice cream quenelle on the right.

La Fourchette des Ducs

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Fourchette des Ducs

La Fourchette des Ducs