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La Cheneaudière in Colroy-La-Roche
Roger Bouhassoun

Roger Bouhassoun

La Cheneaudière – Episode 1 – The link between the two Maisons

La Cheneaudière – Episode 2 – Massenez 150 years Recipe

Massenez 150 years

The Chef’s links with Maison Massenez
Roger Bouhassoun & Bernard Baud

Roger Bouhassoun, President of the Chefs d’Alsace, is an ardent defender of the locavore, promoting the good products and know-how of Alsatian companies. La Cheneaudière and Massenez are almost neighbours, naturally forming partnerships, communicating with each other about their events and referring their customers to each other. When Bernard Baud took over the presidency of Massenez in 2010, he moved into “residence” at La Cheneaudière. “It was my first Alsatian house,” recalls Bernard Baud, “I have memories of Roger picking herbs in the morning and inviting me into his kitchen. I attach a lot of importance to human relations, which in the imprint of time, establish bonds of trust. With our ambassadors, we share the same values, those of respect, work well done, sincerity of approach and innovation to develop and perpetuate our companies. »

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Maison Massenez, Roger Bouhassoun has put on his menu a trout in a bread crust, seasoned with morello cherry juice and for the launch of Dom Pacello Royal Orange®, he has developed a new recipe around scallops. He cooks Massenez products, getting excited with the pear and orange, then the cherry and plum, raspberry and mirabelle plum. Each season his fruit Eau-de-Vie. “I’m so inspired that I can’t take it anymore”, he laughs. “At La Cheneaudière, we offer Massenez products from the aperitif to the digestive, with at the moment the birthday cocktail with the Dom Pacello Royal Orange®, a fish dish, a meat in sauce and then a dessert. All of which is sprinkled and flavoured with Massenez Eaux-de-Vie and Liqueurs, to be consumed in moderation of course”, he smiles. “Massenez cultivates this ability to be a thread running through a gastronomic meal. And few products can boast this potential.

The recipe

Scallops flambéed with Dom Pacello Royal Orange®,

textured field carrots and citrus fruits

Saint-Jacques flambées au Dom Pacello Royal Orange

Scallops flambéed with Dom Pacello Royal Orange®, textured field carrots and citrus fruits

Ingredients for one person :

  •     – 4 beautiful scallops
  •     – 1 pudding
  •     – 1 grilled carrot
  •     – 4 orange segments
  •     – 2cl of Dom Pacello Royal Orange®.
  •     – White butter sauce

The flan :
The day before, mix 500g of carrot purée with 5 eggs, 125g of liquid cream, salt and pepper. Cook in small moulds.

Peel the oranges raw to obtain segments. Wash the carrot well, brush it and then cook it in salted water. Grill it in olive oil.

Dressing :
Quickly sear the scallops then flambé them with Dom Pacello Royal Orange®. Serve with white butter. If you have a plancha, you can grill the carrots at the same time as the scallops.

La Cheneaudière

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La Cheneaudière

La Cheneaudière