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Jean Georges Klein

Villa Lalique at Wingen-sur-Moder
Jean Georges Klein & Romain Iltis

Jean Georges Klein

Tasting notes Dom Pacello Royal Orange® by Romain Iltis – Villa René Lalique

Massenez 150 years

The Chef’s links with the Maison Massenez
Villa Lalique à Wingen-sur-Moder

In 2020, two emblematic Alsatian Maisons are celebrating a historic anniversary, as the Villa René Lalique has blown out its 100 candles.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Massenez, Jean-Georges Klein and Paul Stradner, two Michelin stars, have created 3 dishes with Massenez products; a fillet of duck, tonka bean sauce with Griottines®, a lobster in raspberry chartreuse and tangerine rolls in Dom Pacello Royale Orange® Liqueur by Nicolas Multon.  “To have such ambassadors is an honour for us”, Bernard Baud highlights.

“It’s a great recognition, we are flattered that such talents are inspired by our creations”, adds Elodie Naslin.

Historical partner of the Etoiles d’Alsace, Massenez was present for the gala dinner, which was held the day before their AGM in Winger-sur-Modern, in September 2020. Noémie, Romain and Pierre prepared the aperitif cocktails with the Dom Pacello Royal Orange® Liqueur, drizzled on the crêpes Suzette for dessert and commented by Romain Iltis, MOF sommelier and Best Sommelier of France, at the time of the digestive.

The recipe

Blue Lobster Chartreuse with Wild Raspberry from Maison Massenez,

Paul Stradner’s Coco-Ginger Emulsion

Le homard bleu en chartreuse à la Framboise Sauvage

Ingredients for 10 persons :

Lobster :

  • 3 Breton lobsters from 500g to 600g

Procedure :
Cook lobster tails in a court-bouillon for 4 minutes and claws for 7 minutes.
Shell the lobsters while hot and let them cool.
Mount them in a chartreuse.
Just before serving, gently reheat them in a steam oven for 6 minutes.

The lobster sauce :

  • Carcasses and heads of the 3 lobsters
  • 50g of onion
  • 30g of carrot
  • 20g of shallot
  • 10g of garlic
  • 1 sprig of thyme
  • 30g of Massenez Wild Raspberry
  • 30 g tomato concentrate
  • Butter

Butter the heads and shells of lobsters until they turn a nice blond colour. Flambé with Wild Raspberry Massenez. Colour the aromatic garnish, add the carcasses, tomato concentrate and wet with water to barely the right height. Simmer for 2 hours and then pass through a chinois-étamine. Degrease then reduce.

The lobster-raspberry sauce:

  • 0.25L of reduced lobster sauce
  • 0.5L of Bresse cream
  • 5cl Wild Raspberry Massenez
  • 1 tbsp. raspberry vinegar
  • Salt

Combine all ingredients and reduce to desired consistency.
When the sauce is finished, finish with a tbsp. of raspberry vinegar and Wild Raspberry Massenez. Adjust the seasoning.

The sphere of beetroot :

  • 1 kg of cooked beetroot
  • 13g of iota
  • Salt

Gather the red beetroot in the Thermomix and puree it in a blender. Add the iota and cook at 100 °C then pour into a spherical ice cube mould. Set aside in the freezer.
For icing, mix 0.5L of water with 6g of Kappa. Boil for 2 minutes. Leave to cool for 3 to 4 minutes. Quickly dip the balls into the icing with a fork.

Coco-kaffir-ginger emulsion :

  • 0.5L coconut milk
  • 0.5L of water
  • 1g of Sucro
  • 100g of ginger
  • Salt

Cut the peeled ginger into thin strips. Add the coconut milk, water and salt. Boil for 5 minutes and leave to stand, covered, for 15 minutes. Strain the preparation through a sieve and add the Sucro. Set the preparation aside.

The raspberry gel :

  • 250g raspberry pulp
  • 1g of Gellan
  • 1g agar-agar

Boil all the ingredients for at least 2 minutes and then cool in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, mix with Thermomix until a smooth gel consistency. Dispose of in a pipette.

The kombu gel :

  • 250g of candied wasabi kombu
  • 75g of water
  • 2g of Gellan

Boil all the ingredients for at least 2 minutes and then cool in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, mix with Thermomix until a smooth gel consistency. Dispose of in a pipette.

Dressing :
In a soup plate put the lobster chartreuse in the centre, then three dots of kombu around it and three dots of raspberry gel. Add a ball of red beetroot. Pour 2 to 3 spoonfuls of lobster sauce around the chartreuse. Heat the coconut-ginger emulsion to 55/60°C then foam it with a hand blender. Place 2 spoonfuls of this emulsion on the chartreuse.

Romain Iltis Dom Pacello

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Romain Iltis Dom Pacello

Dom Pacello Royal Orange® by Massenez

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